Tilde before filename

Hi, I have made changes in a file (called ‘Main Flowchart.XAML’).
After that I have saved all the changes and closed Studio.

Now I open the project and see that there is a new file: ‘~Main Flowchart.XAML’ (with a tilde before the file name).

The file with the tilde before the name contains the changes I’ve made before and the original file has not changed.

So I have two questions:

  1. What makes studio (or windows) creating the file with a tilde?
  2. What is the best way to continue, without getting in problems with my bot?



Generally when you close without saving or when a temporary files is created it creates like that…

You can sync the changes if it did not auto ask for it


Sometimes these temp or Autosave versions of files are there when your project didnot save properly or UiPath crashed without saving, You can delete those if your xaml has all changes saved and continue normally.


So I can delete the file without tilde and then rename the file with tilde to the same name without tilde?

Yea you can, main file should already be there.

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