Ticket nummer

I have developed something and I want to get a ticket number every time the robot runs or, for example, increase the ticket number by evry runs

Hello brother,
Can you explain little bit more, what you want to do?

hi brother,
Every e-mail has to be saved in my project and I want to save every e-mail in a separate folder with a separate number

@Amir_Hezardastan Instead of number you can append current datetime like this


no bor, i want to give a number not date.

@Amir_Hezardastan What type of number you want to give it? Random Ticket number or you have Ticket number

hi @Amir_Hezardastan

you can build excel sheet and every time the robot run read it and before the run ends increment the number +1 and replace it

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example each runs one number more (+1)

Ok got it. Make an asset in orchestrator and assign it value as 1 and get value of asset in process and use it to append with files and at the end of execution update back to asset.
Next time when it will rum it will get last execution number

ok bro i will try it
thank you very much

@Amir_Hezardastan Yes Sure. If you face any issue ping me.

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ok thank you bro . i will let you know

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