Throwing error while clicking on the save button

I am uploading a document and then Clicking on the save button .
while doing this some times document may have more than 200 pages. So there is a chance to fail to click on the save button as the document is still uploading and the save button is not enabled yet (because of document uploading is still going on).
for handling the above scenario I am using WAIT FOR READY activity with some time limit , But
still with in the time limit bot is trying to Click on save button and close the transaction "
Result is Business Exception

Please Help me to sort this out !!
Thanks in Advance

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Is there something on the screen that indicates the file is uploading, or something indicating it is done uploading?

Hi @kmaddikatla

When dealing with scenarios where you need to wait for an element to become available or enabled, you can use the “Element Exists” activity combined with a “Retry Scope” activity. This will allow the bot to keep checking for the element until it becomes available within a specified timeout period. Once the element is found, you can proceed with clicking the save button.


Using Check App State works better and is simpler. You can use it to wait for something to appear or disappear.

Yes, we can see the progress from 0 -100% while uploading the document @postwick

Thanks in advance


Hi @Nitya1

Save button is showing as enabled / available While uploading the document ( while indicating the progress from 0 -100% on screen)


How do you see this progress? Post screenshots.

The basic idea is to use a Check App State activity to wait for something to appear (or disappear) indicating that the upload is complete.

Hi @kmaddikatla

After upload starts,
You would have to put a do while loop and use a get text activity on uielement wherever the progress is being shown.
use a delay of 2seconds to again check the text.
Exit condition would be when that progress percentage becomes 100.
Once you exit from that loop.

Continue with your next steps in the process.

that might help in eliminating this error.