Throw & Reschedule activity

Hi! I think it would be good to have an activity that allows rescheduling the execution on orchestrator when, for example, a website is down.


Interesting feature to be there in orchestrator

but, you can have that handled in the code easily too

Just catch that exception, website is not reachable and in the particular exception you can schedule the process as per your need using Orchestrator APIs
or may be you can schedule a bat file to start the process using command line,

What we have done once to handle website not reachable issue in middle of execution, if robot catches the exception as website not reachable then the robot will inform the concerned team and at the end it will start a process “WebsiteStatusCheck” using “Start Process” activity we created this process that will simply check the status of website every 5 minutes, as soon as the website is up and accessible this robot used to start the original process again

Hope this is in contrast of what you are looking for.

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