Throw an exception when the email is empty

Hello everyone! I have to read mails that have an EXCEL files, download those files, there from read each one then get the data and process those data. I am using REFRAMEWORK to achieve this. So I am at the really beginning. I am at the part where I have to read the data form email. Here I have an if statement to check if the email contains an excel file or not. If it doesn’t have an EXCEL file in it, I want to throw an exception and continue to the other email. I want to do this with a throw exception. I tried this but the process stops when it finds the email that doesn’t have the EXCEL file and it doesn’t continue to the other emails. What am I doing wrong?

ALSO another question: I am invoking this workflow from the main.xaml, should I invoke it from the process.xaml? What is the difference between main.xaml and process.xaml?

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I had some doubts around your process

  1. Are u debugging your workflow?

  2. can u show the condition by which u are validating around

this is the condition: mail.Attachments.Count >0

are u debugging the flow instead of running ?

It is the same result in both cases. The process stops after the first throw even in running.

can u share the screenshot of process (if condition part)

Hmm it seems to be ok

would u mind to show the output when u run the entire reframework (main.xaml) file itself?


Hi @CasseyEllsworth
are u running this in init state?

yes I am

Hi @CasseyEllsworth
since email is the transaction item here [ as u are reading through each email], so the process of checking attcahments and throwing the error should be in process.xaml file ie in process state

so that when the error is thrown , it goes to next mail

Okay I will try this! Thank you!
Also, can u try to explain what is the difference between main and process.xaml files. How should I know where to invoke processes?

Hi @CasseyEllsworth
check this sample file

you will get the complete idea on how to work with reframework involving emails (1018.5 KB)

Nived N

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