Throw activity don't want email to be send

Hi there,

I wan to throw an activity but dont want any email to be send. How do i go about? If i use continue activity is that possible?


Throw activity will not send an email…it only throws an exception…

If your flow has some send email in catch then handle it accordingly so that it does not send any email when you throw an activity…


Hi @Anil_G what is the other alternative using throw and what can be input in throw syntax


First you need to tell where you have a send email…

If its there in the main catch activity and any catch is sending email and if you dont want that…then add an asset and set the value of asset to false before throw activity in catch block where you dont want the email to be sent…

Then add a if block around your send email and before send email use get asset and get the value of asset and check if it is true or false…if true send email else do not send

Hope this helps


@Anil_G send email is in the Try activity. I want to send email using send email activity and throw this away. If have to put set or get assef to be false. Can u show me an example. Thanks!

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