Through community edition , i am unable to crate robot and job

through community edition , i am unable to crate robot and job

Hi @prashant_shrivastava

We can create robot through community version, but it must be for learning purpose only!!!

If you are working for a company and using it there it won’t work there!!!

May I know what error are getting?

Have you connected that machine with orchestrator properly or not?

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This is not true. Community edition can be used for free by individuals and small-to-medium businesses which are defined as businesses that collectively have less then 250 machines and less than or equal to $5 million USD annual revenue. If @prashant_shrivastava is working for a smaller company then he can absolutely use Community edition for business.

My oppolgies for this :frowning:

But i believe @prashant_shrivastava is doing something wrong!!!

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Hi ,

I am follwing steps :-

  1. in orchestrator- Created Machine ( Machine Template)

  2. Created robot

  3. start ui robot

  4. open Machine and copy key and past in ui robot

  5. copy URL and past in UI robot url field and click on connected

  6. then in both i am getting message unlicensed, it should be connected.

Please help me




Enter type as Development… This will help you out :slight_smile:

Cheers :wink:

when select devlopment then it is asking pwd.
what pwd i have to enter . is my laptop login pwd?


you need to provide your login credentials.


Yes your system credentials :slight_smile:

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