This Robot Has Pending Or Running Jobs And Cannot Be Deleted

Error fix for 'This Robot has pending or running jobs and cannot be deleted. (#1666)' thrown when attempting to delete user from Tenant->Manage Access .

Based on the error message it appears that there is process tied to the user in one of the folder which remained in pending status or running status.

  1. Navigate to each folder "Jobs" page
  2. Filter the records with "Pending State" & "Running State"
  3. Stop all the pending jobs / running jobs / suspended jobs found under the user from all the folders that the user is part of
  4. Make sure that the user is not tied to any active Triggers, if so, remove the user from the trigger or disable the trigger.
  5. Now delete the user from Manage Access page after stopping all the pending jobs, running jobs & removing them from the triggers to which they were assigned.