This is the datatable from which I want to retrieve Sales Order number with FAIL status? if anyone can help?


@anjasing - Create a datatable variable called Dtfiltered

DtFiltered = DtOut.Clone ==> Dtout is your datatable created from the “Read Range” activity…

DtFiltered = (From r In Dtout.AsEnumerable
 Where r("Status").toString.Contains("FAIL")
 Select r).CopyToDataTable

Hope this helps…

I want output to be retrieved in form of sales order number like
0311056152 not in form of datatable
if you could help in this?

lets assume a String list with the sales order numbers are fine:

Use an assign activity
leftSide: listSONumbers | Datatype List(Of String)
right side:

(From d In yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
 Where d("Status").toString.ToUpper().Contains("FAIL")
 Select s = d(YourSalesOrderColNameOrIndex).toString).toList
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isn’t it fine


assumed it is an assign activity, all variables and col names are ok and there is no validation message then just try it. Otherwise tell us the validation error message

Can you tell why this error is coming?

sometimes some caches hangs
(From d In yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Where d(“Status”).toString.ToUpper().Contains(“FAIL”)
Select s =d( YourSalesOrderColNameOrIndex).toString).toList

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this is basically why at I am doing

extracting DT from a webpage and saving it in ExtractDataTable now I want to read sales order number with fail status…

please take note from given correction alternate above

Yes error gone…if you can tell how can I print this?


IS there a logic after that to only take unique values of sales order numbers and not repeatitive one?

Thank you sooo much :slight_smile:

(From d In yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Where d(“Status”).toString.ToUpper().Contains(“FAIL”)
Select s =d( YourSalesOrderColNameOrIndex).toString).Distinct().toList

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Thank you so muchhhh :slight_smile:

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