This activity is missing or could not be loaded on the whole project

I finished working on my project on Thursday and when i opened it today, every activity in it has an error This activity is missing or could not be loaded. How do i resolve this problem?

Hi @79832

Update UiPath.System.Activities Package and Make sure your project having UiPath.System.Activities and UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities Packages in your project.


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Hi @79832

In your image in project panel all the dependencies are missing, it may be deleted
Install the UiPath.System.Activities package from the Manage Packages.

Process to install the packages -
→ Open the Manage packages tab in the Design ribbon
→ Click on All Packages
→ Search for the UiPath.System.Activities then hit on install and save.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Note : Install all the packages for which activities you are used, this means if you are used excel activities then install the UiPath.Excel.Activites package like that. If the packages are already installed then update the every package in the project dependencies option in manage packages.

Hope it helps!!

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Hope you got the solution for your question. If yes, please mark it as solution to close the loop else happy to help.


I think its fixed but now in activities like use browser it doesnt show preview images like it used to, any tips?

I hope you find the solution for your query, if yes then mark my post as solution to close the loop, else ask your question I am happy to help. @79832

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I think there is no way to get the preview images you need to reindicate that.

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