This Action Is No Longer Assigned To You : Error Code 2402

The Robot is supposed to execute a process with a Complete Task activity. When it reaches that point, the job fails with "This action is no longer assigned to you Error Code : 2402".

When human users (with non-admin roles) work in Action Center, they are able to assign action tasks to themselves and change their status and they cannot interact with the actions of another user.

However, when using the Complete Task activity, a Robot can try and modify an action task that was not assigned to the account it is using.


Root Cause: Generally, this error occurs when an Action was assigned to one user, but then another user attempts to mark it as "Complete".

Resolution: In order to solve this, there are two possible approaches,

  1. Use the same account to create, assign and complete actions
  2. Leverage on an admin account in Action Center to un-assign action tasks from one account and assign it to another.