There is popup to show the new enhancement, its not moving further

This popup is not working, once u click next button, its not doing anything, Close and open again its not doing anything.

Hi @Ranjit_Nayak1

Try selecting quick tour and resume on right and then next . Else restart the uipath and kill anything thats open and see


HI @Ranjit_Nayak1

It the tour of the studio. So just skip the steps.

It will ask appear at the first time. So look all the step. it will be help you later.


The issue here is next button is not working, that too this popup comes after new upgrade and after restarting uipath.

Hi @Ranjit_Nayak1

It is only a tour. You can close it if you dont need it. If you need then probably the vm is light and this needs heavy ram check task manager for util and try keeping it clean


Hi, after lot of try i found this is a bug. I dont need to tour page, but still few page worked very smooth and after few steps it stopped working. Thats all, its not any VM, its my own system.

Hey @Ranjit_Nayak1

Can you reliably reproduce this issue? If so, a short video of the behaviour would help.
(I cannot reproduce it on my machine)

It started when i got the popup to restart UIpath after upgrade.

So offcourse can’t take video now, since i have already started using studio.