There is no row at position [Source: If] ERROR!

hello friends,

After solving my problem, Gokul started to give this warning when I least expected it. What should I do in this situation? I am waiting for your help.


I’m getting this error after successfully pulling 50 data


It’s difficult to say without seeing your work and just seeing the error exception

If you can give more details, then maybe we can try to solve this issue


Hi @A_Zyzz_Man ,

It seems as though that the DataTable is empty.

Could you try querying the DataTable out onto the Immediate Panel and verify if that is the case?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

HI @A_Zyzz_Man

Check the count before your execute


Use Element Exist Activity

Indicate the Any one column in the Table and Store it in the Variable → Bool

Use If condition

Condition → Bool

Then → Process the step here to get the Price from the table

Else → Element not Exist it will move to next Transaction


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Element Exist isn’t for datatables. It’s for seeing if a UI Element exists on the screen.

Hi @A_Zyzz_Man

As you are saying tht u have pulled 50 record

Kindly check the count of that perticular datatable

Also before proceeding to next step have an if condition check for count

Example: DT.rows.count>0

Hope this helps

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