There is no row at position error

HI folks, I
I have faced a problem but I dont know why
When I try using for each loop and I modify the index value (but I assign in the loop and I think it doesn’t affect the loop)

But when it runs, it shows the result: There is no row at position 3. Ah, the default value of Index is 1
And when I try to Disable this activity, the process executes successfully
But I try to save the rowrow for later use, so I have to do this. It is likely that th error caused by my assign index = rowrow + 1
but when I try to use another loop:

and this is the result:

I even increase the index, but it seems not to affect the loop, because the loops execute take the default value of index (1)
Thank you for helping me
Edited: This one is an error caused by me. Thanks for eading


can you replace the index with row ,which is placed in the body of for each

or try this way

Can you create output of for each

Instead of assign creating a variable and increment to it.

The output of for each is of type integer
This will work as like a you expected


Can you explain what you are trying to do?

Why are you using index inside loop and in the in argument as well?

Ideally it wont take effect as the in argument values would not be modified inside the loop