There is no report for Assignment 2

Hey guys,

I’m now working on Assignment 2 but I have encountered a difficult situation. In Assignment 2, reports that extracted from the monthly report page were expected to download but in my situation, there is no report. I have already tried to reset test data but it doesn’t work for me. Can you guys help me ?

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Hi @Emre_Oguz,

there is no report for each an every months. some month can have report some are not. if not you need to bypass that and move on to the next one.

I did it using IE so it’s work me fine if you are using different browser please try it there

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Did we try manually to download the report, if that works then we will be able to do with UIPATH activities as well.
And more over as @SamanGuruge said we wont get the report for all months and we need to process only with the one we get and thats the tricky part here…

Kindly try once manually or change the browser like IE, FireFox and check pls

Cheers @Emre_Oguz

Hey Saman,

I know there is no report for each an every months but I have already tried to get all WI4 reports from website with robot. There is no report for me :frowning:

I have to try on different browser like you said. (IE didn’t work for me).

I also tried to get reports manually but it didn’t work also

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Hmm,…then i think we have some issue with the file itself…
Kindly check that pls
Cheers @Emre_Oguz

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Finally, I found the problem. There are no reports for 2020 months. In the project pdf, we were told to download the reports regarding the current year. If you switch the year to 2019 reports have to appear on your page.

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