There is no Add option to create a Robot in

Hi All,

I m new to UI PATH. I am unable to see the Add (+) in the robots tab. And I coudn’t see Environments tab as well.

I m using Community trail version.
PFB the sreen shot below.
Please advise.


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Welcome to uipath community
Kindly check under the ROBOT tab under Management and not under “Monitoring”

There we will be able create robot
Cheers @Geethavani_Kathi

Hi Geetha,

You must be accessing Robot from monitoring option.
Scroll down the page you will you will find one more Robot option under the management list box and there you will be having option to create new one.

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Thank you for your support.:slight_smile:

I got it.

Thank you so much.:slight_smile:

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Cheers @Geethavani_Kathi

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