There is 24000+ line items how do I extract and iterate those?

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Hey @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula

You can use Data Scraping But is that page wise records ?


Not Page wise.

Then you mean the screen has all the 2k records loaded and ready ?

Yes. Than in each line item we have to click different page & extract the data
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Hey @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula

Okay, Please explain your use-case in detail with all steps so that it’s easy to suggest an approach/solution please.


One web site having 24000+ line items…we have to click one bye one. After opening a line item, there will be a 5 menu’s like Document, procedure, Audit Info, Reference and Attachments, so we have extract few information from that and from attachment menu we have to download files & finally We have store all the information into out excel…

In Reframework I have to build…

you need to division the process into two parts :

Dispatcher :

  1. Extract Data Table
  2. upload them to the queue

Performer :

  1. get transactions from the queue
  2. use the dynamic selector based on unique value from the transaction.

and I suggested this solution because you have a huge number of transactions and it should contain a recovery solution if an error has occurred

This is the right solution.

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