There Are No Licenses On %Machine_name%

Troubleshooting guide for "There are no licenses on %Machine_name%" error when IntelligentOCR Scope activity.

There are no licenses on %Machine_name% error may occur because of the following

  1. Incorrect contents of the LicensingSettings.xml, which is located in the folders:
  • On the server: %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\ABBYY\SDK\12\Licensing\LicensingSettings.xml
  • On the workstation: <Installation Folder>\Bin64\LicensingSettings.xml
  1. The other reason for this error may be the ProtectionDeveloper.dll file is present in the <Installation Folder>\Bin (or Bin64) folder when using a Runtime license. In this case, the file can be renamed or removed.
  2. Also, check if the Abbyy Flexicapture Engine is licensed on the machine or not. ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine SDK is required to use the FlexiCapture Classifier or FlexiCapture Extractor activities. The engine only works with an Abbyy FlexiCapture Engine StandAlone 12 license distributed by the UiPath sales department.
  3. Navigate to <Installation Folder>\Bin\LicenseManager.exe and check if the product is licensed.