There are no known hosts

Orchestrator (Enterprise Platform (Trial)) is installed on the desktop, and i want to connect to the uipath(machine id) of the laptop.

However, Orchestrator url is not connected.
How should I deal with it?

Is your orchestral URL access needs VPN ?

Check if your orchestrator can be accessed in the browser ?

you can try with different sign in options

@qhgus527 I hope Orchestrator URL is not White Listed. Are you using a personal laptop or an organization laptop?

If you’re using an organization laptop, contact your IT Team to get Orchestrator URL to White Listed

try ipconfig /refresh check if not fixed try ipconfig/renew
If the above did not back up your projects and do a repair software
if none worked do a reinstall all UiPath products after removing all UiPath files from %AppData% folder