The underlying provider failed on Open / Orchestrator server is down - Troubleshoot steps


Orchestrator going down

Troubleshooting steps

Solution 1: Verify the Application Pool details & reapply

Navigate to:
IIS -> Application Pool -> Advanced settings -> Identity -> Custom Account -> Set Credentials -> Provide Domain\Username & password. -> Recycling

Recycling option of the Application Pool (Right-hand side option is available. )

Below screenshot for reference.

Solution 2: If all above have been configured properly than perform the below 2 steps

  1. Verify Application Pool Status - Started / Stopped (RUN -> inetmgr -> Application Pool) .It should be Started status & managed Pipeline to be Integrated.
  2. Perform an IISRESET

Solution 3:

Verify the count of records from the Database :

  • dbo.Logs
  • dbo.notification
  • dbo.Tenantnotification
  • dbo.Usernotification

For Example :

If Datbase Records count for any of the table is more than 2 million:
Logs - 6232697
Notification - 59
Tenantnotification - 110843
Usernotification - 5651924

Please use this KB to eliminate the debug logs and then shrunk the database files .

As the record count is more than 2 million log entries i.e. near 6.5 million logs entries thus kindly perform the database maintenance.
Each & every step is detailed in the above link.

Take the backup of the logs & UserNotification details table & clear the information.

It’s also advised to perform a database maintenance biweekly or Monthly, which purely depends on the information getting logged to the database.

This should solve the Orchestrator issue.

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