"The Ultimate Guide To UiPath RPA Development Course"

Happy New Year!
Make 2020, Your Year!

Above Udemy course teach you UiPath RPA Development in 16 languages (Closed Captions)
More and more students will learn UiPath RPA development this year.


Happy Learning!


I’ve been using UiPath community edition for a year now. So far I have been learning and developing alone in UiPath Academy, Youtube, Forum issues, books, etc., but I wanted to know more how other developers understand and develop practical business flows. I’ve just take your course and start learning it.


UiPath RPA is based on simple concept. It revolves around ‘Activities’ which are nothing but steps in a business process. I have explained that beautifully in ‘The ultimate Guide to UiPath RPA Development’ course. Please check ‘What is RPA?’ lecture.

UiPath Academy covers complete UiPath RPA eco system. It should be referenced along with official documentation.

But ‘The ultimate Guide to UiPath RPA Development’ course is like ‘Index’ to UiPath Academy!. You take this course then get into Academy , you can easily understand and grasp it.


Hi Hiroaki Tanaka,

In addition to above, I am creating ‘Ultra Learn Data Science with Python in 2020’.

Hyperautomation which is RPA+A.I, is number 1 technology organizations of all sizes going to look into it and implement it. I have mentioned this in ‘Ultimate Guide To UiPath RPA Development’ course. (Please check preview video on the home page)

UiPath AI Fabric is going to be an amazing feature, which reflects Hyperautomation and we all looking forward to it.


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Thanks @rathinp2009 for reply! I have been studying about Deep Learning for six months. So I’m looking forward to your new course!

Hi Hiroaki Tanaka,

Data Science is not easy to learn. You need to have skills on all of business acumen, maths, statistics, python and communication skills. I just started it… takes around 2 to 3 months to release it. But ‘Ultra Learn Data Science in 2020’ course going to be different course altogether. You will learn a lot from it. I will let you know once it is released.