"The UiElement is not initialized" what should I do

After finishing running the program, a message box pop up. Saying that “The UiElement is not initialized.”
What should I do.


Could you be more specific.
Which activity thrown error and what is your trying perform?
Or you could upload the xaml or screenshot of the workflow.

Hi @ddpadil ,

Me too faced same issue . I used Get Text Activity and tried to capture the value,but it throwed error

keep some delay before get text activity and try and set waitforready property to complete(just play with all the option).

@ddpadil . I have tried giving delay and also given complete earlier itself .

Issue solved after using Get full text. But i wonder why it thrown error for Get text.

what’s the target application?
bit more specific ,name ,version. might help QA team.

Windows Application.


Viorela any thoughts on this? we already have fulltext,native and ocr .
I feel like Get text is kind a redundant here.

Hi guys,

No known issues regarding that error and Get Text activity. I’m glad there was an workaround with Get full text, but we would definitely need more details as Dilip suggested above.
A xaml example will also be helpful.

This should go in Ideas. Looping @Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae

Hi @ovi

Getting the Ui Elment not initialized for the get text activity, I tried with delay and wait for ready complete still issue persists.
Please any idea on this.


Hi @ovi

Issue has been solved after using the full text activity inside the attach browser and kept delay and wait for ready set to completed


Hey guys,
I’m having a similar issue while trying to get the href attribute of a table extracted from an aspNet form.
I’ve attached an xaml example, thought it may not be much useful since it’s from a client’s related page and i can’t share the access to it (for security reasons).

The js function inside href calls a pop up window from which i need to get information.
I’ve tried also informing the variable selector_nfClick inside a click activity, also to no avail.
This variable is filled with the ‘aaname’ from the extracted data table’s row (e.g., 00012743 from the screenshot).

I’m using a regex match activity to get the func params to inform as params for an inject js activity, but since it’s not even getting the href content it doesn’t even get to that.

My goal with this is to open the window as the “onclick” js function does, while looping through the table and doing this for each line.

Thanks for the help, in advance.
get_attrissue.zip (10.6 KB)

same issue here now ! with UI element and i tried getting full text and everything
i tried running full project or test activity on its own
UIexplorer validate it without issues but Get Text activity give that error

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