The target Element was not specified

Hello people. I have a process that I want to separate into a flowchart most of the process is done on a website. and when I’m going to split this process, it says I need to define its scope. error : The target Element was not specified for this activity. You should set its Target property or use this activity inside of a scope activity (Attach Browser, Open Browser, Open Application, Attach Window, Get Active Window, Element Scope activities). How can I make this definition? I use the browser open activity and navigation to open the web pages where the process is done in the new sequence, it would need to continue in the part of the process that was stopped

In the first sequence there is an open browser and then the activities inside of it. Then when you create another sequence, you have this issue of the target element because it must be inside and attach browser activity, otherwise it will not understand where do you want to find the element.

Hi @Guilherme_Silva ,

You need to put your activity inside attach browser.
That’s it, it will work.