"The target Element was not specified for this activity" Error

I have attached one workflow that reads column “0” from excel sheet and performs action based on the text written in the first Column e.g Add, update or delete.
While running this workflow I am getting following error:

Please tell me how can I resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance!!!

HRMS_Report V2.1.xaml (75.6 KB)

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keep the cick ‘input’ activity inside the attach window activity and make sure that you have selected the element in attach window activity
as you have browser variable in attachwindow its look fine

Cheers @Anamika15

Done… Still getting the same error.

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We have click input in two sequences
Make sure that they are placed in both the sequences
cheers @Anamika15


Done… But now getting above mentioned error…

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Fine kindly try with other browser
Cheers @Anamika15

Good morning Anamika,

In regards to your HRESULT issue, do either of these solutions resolve the issue?