The speed of selectors

I am currently automating a java application. I the framework and the queue. i need to input thousands of items often. I input by double clicking a cell in a table and inputing into the popup windows. The selector looks like this:

<wnd app='eclipse.exe' cls='SunAwtFrame' title='Planning Smartboard curaplan*' />
<java idx='1' role='page tab list' /><java name='Arbejdstid' role='page tab' />
<java role='table' />
<java role='label' colName='Dato' name='"+selectorDato+"' rowName='"+navn+"' />

the first couple of items i input is clearly much faster than the subsequent ones. It starts at around 2 seconds per item and later goes to 7+ seconds. I cannot figure out why.

this leads to three questions:

  1. is there inherently something wrong with the selector above?
  2. Could somebody speak to the general speed of selectors? What constitutes a fast selector? What makes it slow?
  3. Could it be due to my system specs? i5-7300U @ 2.6GHZ, 16 GB ram, Windows 10. UIPATH 2018.1.1 Enterprise edition.

You are using full selector for each and every click then it be cause for delay.
Try using partial selectors as it is slightly faster and do not seek for top window every time

Is this valid when i only need to do a single acitivity in a given window? It seems an attach + click(with partial) would be the same as a click (with full)
Also, why would this work fast at first, but then slow down?