The specified Computer Vision server could not be reached. [523] - uipath CV

I am trying to make use of Computer vision activities.
But, i am getting the following error message despite using the latest studio version and the updated CV package. Any suggestions to fix this will be highly helpful. Thanks.Capture CvCapture

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Buddy @SudhakarAs92

This could help you buddy

Find CV Text: Response from server is not valid (good internet connection & no proxy) - #10 by glenn.robinson

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @SudhakarAs92


I Tried, however it did not work. I still see the same error. Re installed all the packages that were mentioned in the topic that you tagged here.


Hi @SudhakarAs92

Any chance a firewall could be blocking this connection? (or filter it further as per company policy)?

You are using an alpha version. Pls update to latest stable version

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