The site is not secure - Solution

Orchestrator won’t open due to the security issue. You may face the below screen error when the website is launched.

Error message

Root cause
It looks like the certificate which is currently being bind to the website is messed up.
The website’s security certificate is not yet valid or has expired.

Create a self signed certificate in your Orchestrator environment following the steps in detailed in the below link.

Once certificate is created, follow the below steps below to bind the newly created certificate to the website.

  1. IIS → Orchestrator website → Bindings → Select https bindings → Check SSL certificate → Select the appropriate certificate → Restart the website

This will load up the Orchestrator website without any issue as the certificate is created & validated in your environment.

Thereafter you can reach out to your IT team with the current certificate issue. They may provide a new certificate or may suggest to keep using the certificate which you have created using the steps in the above link.