Following Screen error thrown when the website is launched " The site is not secure Error Code DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_DATE_INVALID " and the Orchestrator does not open due to the security issue.

Error Description: Orchestrator will not open due to the security issue with the below error when the website is launched.


Root Cause: This generally happens if the certificate being used is not valid.

  • For v2020.4.x or higher - Check with local internal IT team and ensure that the certificate is valid as per the requirement mentioned in the guide Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol . If not then follow the below steps to change the certificate to a valid one - follow the steps as
    • Import the certificate under Personal folder using the mmc, certificates console;
    • Ensure that the certificate is installed in the trusted root authorities folder if you are using a self-signed certificate as well and as per the prerequisites;
    • Update the certificate thumbprint in the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\Identity\appsettings.Production.json.
  • For v2019.x.x or lower - Create a self-signed certificate in the Orchestrator environment following the steps shared in this link. After certificate creation, follow the below steps to bind the newly created certificate to the website.
  1. IIS → Orchestrator website → Bindings → Select https bindings → Check SSL certificate → Select the appropriate certificate → Restart the website



  1. Restart the website in Orchestrator.

Note: This is a temporary solution and needs to install the self-signed certificate to be installed on the Robot machine as well to establish communication between Robot and Orchestrator.

A permanent solution would be to revalidate the domain certificate by the IT team and use the same for Orchestrator.