The Robot will be triggered when remotely open RPA VM environment

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I published some unattended RPA to Orchestrator with automation trigger. It could be triggered when the schedule time reached. But I found each time when I remotely login the RPA machine, it will trigger RPA automatically, even it’s not in schedule time period. I also tried to disable the schedule in Orchestrator, but still the same. And the SOURCE in Orchestrator JOBS panel shows it was triggered by Agent like below:

Can someone suggest the root cause of this and some possible solutions for this? The machine environment is in VMware, it allows 2 same users login at the same time. Thanks a lot.

@TerryWang - this could be below reason -

Please navigate to Orchestrator → select the Process → Process Settings → Check “Automatically Start Process” option → if its enable → please disable and check.

Process will not trigger automatically when it login to VM and it will trigger based on schedule time.


Thank you very much. It works! After disable this option in Orchestrator Process. No more robots will be triggered automatically when login the remote sessions.

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@TerryWang cheers!!

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