The Robot for Assignment no .1 calculate client security hash goes well... still i failed

mmmm… littble bit frustrating … every is going well… no space… and no errors when I debug. See document what I attached.

In this way I can’t pass for the exam…

Who can help.

EddyCalculate assignment .pdf (96.4 KB)


That happened to me as well in the past, I just resubmitted the same file and passed. I think it’s due to the code failing some times. Try debugging the workflow (adding exception handling) or resubmitting the file like I did and maybe you will be lucky.

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I have uploaded the document and the film of how smoothly the robot runs without errors. Debugging also gave no errors. If you indicate that it is a matter of luck that you succeed, wouldn’t it be bad? In this way I have to have a lot of luck to finally succeed. While I think the robot is good. Or I have to get feedback why it’s not right. I hope someone can help me.