The robot cannot communicate with Firefox browser on different users


I’m facing an issue when running robots in the background. So I have a virtual machine and a firefox installation in ProgramFiles(x86). It is the latest 70.0 -version of it.

I have two separate user accounts with admin rights, accounts A and B. Firefox was installed on the machine using account A. Running robots in the background under that account work totally fine, but when trying to run with Account b (with identical user rights), the robot cannot communicate with the Firefox browser. When running from Studio, both accounts work so this is only related to unattended runs.

What is the problem? Does it have something to do with Firefox profiles? It seems that even though the Firefox installation is done in the ProgramFiles root, it still creates separate Firefox profiles for both accounts A and B. Please advice.

May I know what was the error you were getting
Cheers @jt92strong text

The error is “Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension”. The extension is not the problem, as it is installed correctly. It’s not related to any specific URL that I’m trying to reach, because the process works fine in the background with account A. The user rights for accounts A and B should be equal so that shouldn’t be the issue, either…

So I’m wondering if this is somehow related to the Firefox installation and Firefox profiles… My hypothesis is that if I now uninstalled Firefox and installed it again to ProgramFiles (x86) by using account B, the issue would be the other way around and account B would be able to communicate with firefox. But atm this is just speculation and I havent tried that yet. But that would confirm there’s something Firefox-installation-related that prevents other users from communicating with firefox. I’ll test that out when back in business.

Any ideas based on this info?

but the users are different so does the browser settings
that is have we installed the firefox extension in the account B, because its not like if we have installed in account A it will be there in Account B as well.
kindly check that once, as the error even depicts the same…
Fine if that is installed in account B as well, then we need to restart the machine with account B user logged in and then try executing the process
–still if we are facing the problem, then try with other browser like IE, Chrome

Cheers @jt92

We have separately installed the extension for both accounts, re-checked it and that is ok.

I think the next step will be re-booting the virtual machine and trying again with account B. After that I’ll uninstall firefox and re-install it with account B to verify this is not an account-specific issue.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for your quick responses btw!