The project behave strangely


I created a project using Re-Framework and I’m about to complete it. However, sometimes when I run it in debug mode, it takes a long time to start and sometimes I had to stop running due to not starting even after a long time. And a few days back I had a issue where it was assigning null values to a dictionary even I have assigned “” after initializing it properly which causing errors when it tries to access the value using the key for some items (null reference error). And this was happen suddenly and the project was running without an issue just before that. When I disable the previous assignment and assign “” to dictionary again, finally it worked. Still I’m not sure why it happens. And yesterday I again fall into an issue where it’s not passing one arguments to invoke flows correctly. And I didn’t do any change to this argument or the flow. When I first noticed it, the second time it works, again not in the third time and so forth. After few rounds, it started to not passing it at all. Really appreciate if you can help me to identify this behavior and solve it as I need to complete my project soon.

Thanks in advance

Hello Community,

I forgot to mention on more thing. The initial issue I got last week was unable to open the process.xaml due to an argument issue. And I changed the first line of the process.xaml to remove arguments as recommended in community posts and was able to recover from it. So I’m bit concerning whether this usual behavior is related to my modifications? Thanks