The process cannot access the file because it is being used


Hi All,

I am saving a file as an excel (.xls) and then after invoking a code for creating a zip file.
But i am getting an error that -
Invoke method : The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

Please help me . Please. Urgent one.

Thanks in advance,


Are you closing the excel before invoking the code to create a zip file.
If not, please close the excel file (because excel process will be running in the background).



Thanks for the quick response. I am not opening any excel file but I am exporting the data from the web to text file and I am saving that file as “ABC.xls” .

Can you please tell me if tere is any need to close the excel for that ? Though I have put the kill activity with the process name as “EXCEL”. Still not working.



It’s happened to me before where the Excel file is opened in the background. Follow this Ctrl+Alt+Delete > Task Manager> End task to Force Close any excel Applications opened.



I have tried all the options including your’s :frowning:
Still no hope.



I guess the Excel sheet which you are importing data into is opened in the background. That would need to be closed in order to rid of the error.


Hey @Haich, @KarthikByggari,

I have killed the excel process before invoking. Now I am not getting that error but it is saving successfully with no data.
(showing 0 bytes in excel file with no data). Can you please help me on this?

Thanks in advance,


@hemal Could you show a screenshot of your workflow?


Before exporting text file as excel - please save the text file and then export to excel; save the excel. At the last kill excel process.



I verified that my excel file is being saved and then at the time of Zip, data is getting 0 bytes.

where filepath including two excel files and zippath including the folder name with extension as .zip (where we have to extract)

Thanks in advance