The problem of web site substitution,thank

Get the words from the table and enter them into the web site, and if the words have spaces, it only gets part of them. For example, “a b” can only get “a”, missing the part after the space. How to solve this problem? Thank you

Hello @Uddynitjh
Are you using Table Extraction to extract the table?

If yes, it should work fine. Can you watch the below video to check if you have missed something.


Thank you, but it’s not a matter of extracting the form.

can you plz sahre the screenshot of how you are extracting and the error that you are getting?


” table(test).ToString - 搜索

test=public safety,

But the operation has become “ 必应 public”

Does that mean while converting the table to string you are missing some data?


It is no problem to enter the URL when debug, but there will be a lack of words after the space when running.