The present validation station activity

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the PRESENT VALIDATION STATION’s role is a little confusing!
Is it just for showing what value is extracted?
or an important phase in the classification ( It means the bot do the classification then when human do the validation he learns from that )?

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It allows an agent to validate and correct the extractions

Lets assume OCR was recognizing not fully correctly a field. Within the validation station it can be corrected.

From official docu:

The Validation Station is a user interface that can be used to validate and correct data extracted from documents using the Document Understanding framework.

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So it is possible to elliminate the present validation station ?
Because I have a large quantity of files that want to process with Document Understanding But because of the presence of the Validation Station, it seems an impossible job

ommiting the present validation station activity cuts off the posibility to manually review and correcting extraction results

from technically implementation viewpoint yes
from process / technological viewpoint - depends on how you rate the expected accurancy and the risk of failing recognitions

Yeah Exactly
I am trying to do the classification using Keyword-based classifier but it is failing every time it does the classification which makes the elimination of the validation part not possible :sob: :sob:
Is there a solution that makes me have a good classification score without using the validation station?

we implemented some flows incorporating

  • look up to reference lists for value corrections after OCRing and extraction
  • checking the different accurancy percentages and fork depending on it:
    • continue: without validation station (Background processing / Dunkelverarbeitung)
    • present it to agent within validation station

But before stepping too much into the technical details lets loop @loginerror in. Maybe the DU product team has this feature already on the roadmap and will share some previews with us

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thank you a lot

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I asked the Document Understanding gurus and this is the reply :slight_smile:

The classification score is determined based on the classification activity and depends on the configuration as well as the documents provided by the user - it does not require the user to use the validation station, but would rather rely on the algorithm and the users configurations

You can find more details here:

thank you maciej
As you told me to eliminate the validation station I faced an issue
can you visit this link and if you have an idea don’t hesitate to contact me