The page for Real Time Forms has errors

You can even see them in the tutorial screenshots, the blue error icons - yet it just says “ok now you can run it.”

The problem is in the step where the In/Out parameters Username and City were created, the variables Username and City are never created. Later references to these variables in the Do block then show errors.

Not sure how documentation got published that literally has errors shown in the screenshots.

Also, the If block has a condition of btn = “Update” except the actual name of the button from Form Designer is “update” and it IS case sensitive, so the example has to be changed to btn = “update” or the button has to be renamed in Form Designer to “Update”

Hi @postwick . Thank you for your thorough analysis of our docs.
We know some parts are outdated by the current product/activity package versions, but we always take feedback into consideration, that’s why we thank you for reading the docs and notifying us about the content flaws.
We updated the content for Real Time Forms here: Real Time Forms