The package is not executed from the orchestrator

I have updated the package in the orchestrator, but when I run it from orchestrator the bot gets lost and won’t start, why can this be happening?

What do you mean by gets lost?

Share the screenshots for reference.

If I run my bot from studio it does its normal job, but if I run it from the orchestrator it doesn’t…

What do you mean by doesn’t run from Orch.

Explain all the issue exactly with detail.

Like What exceptions do you get when you do run from Orch


  • I made a bot, and uploaded the package to the orchestrator.

  • When I launch the process from the orchestrator the bot does not execute well

  • But if I run the bot from studio it does ok

I don´t know if I explained well…


Refer below and see what exception it showing in info

Hey, check your package number while running the process from orchestrator is it the same one you uploaded. Or you try to republish the package and try again.