The OwinStartup Attribute Discovered In Assembly 'UiPath.orchestrator.web' Referencing Startup Type 'Uipath.orchestrator.web.Owin.Startup' Conflicts With The Attribute In Assembly 'UiPath.web'

Resolution when the OwinStartup attribute discovered in assembly 'Uipath.orchestrator.web' referencing startup type 'Uipath.orchestrator.web.Owin,Startup', conflicts with the attribute in assembly 'UiPath.web'.

Root Cause: Files are missing in the bin folder and hence the errors occur while attempting to load the app.


  1. Go to the installation folder of the Orchestrator, open the web.config file and add the below parameter under the

  1. Then, run command prompt as administrator and run iisreset command

  1. Then hit the URL of the Orchestrator.