The orchestrator sends me an incomplete image to my email but when I run it from the studio it sends the complete image

I have developed a bot in the orchestrator in the studio and when it is debugged and runs it does it perfectly but when it is done from the orchestrator problems occur.
Being more specific in the first robot at the end of the process it sends me an image to my email which if I run it from the studio it sends me the complete image but when I do it from the orchestrator it sends me the image incomplete.


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Are you talking some screenshot and attaching it?

if so check the resolution of the bot and change it as per need…this can be done under robot settings on your orchestrator

Hope this helps


Hi thank you for the welcome , I did change the bot’s resolution several times and tried many times but the problem persists


The bot resolution that you set on orchestrator takes effect only when you turn login to console to off…

I hope that is set to false itself

And while taking acreenshot are you taking whole screen or you gave a selector for something and taking screenshot of that area only?

Can you show some example


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