The Office.Interop.PowerPoint package for UiPath doesn't include 'Presentation' object

I am working on a piece of custom code that will access the BuiltInDocumentProperties of various Office objects such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
The goal is to modify the BuiltInDocumentProperties and save the file. I have already implemented this for the Excel and Word documents. However, for PowerPoint’s presentation object, I can’t seem to declare the instance variable as Presentation using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint package. (Please refer to attachments)


Any help is highly appreciated.


Have you visited this page, it may help you.

Hi @sarathi125,
That’s the same link I posted in my original question (hyperlink in line 1).
I know about the API and can see it in a Visual Studio project. But when I download the package in UiPath Studio that’s supposed to contain this BuiltInDocumentProperties object, the package doesn’t have it.

Hence the question.