The OCR sraping

Hi all,

I have the problem with OCR scraping too. When I want to scrape all on the list of values on this screen. Here is the problem with it, because I need scrape the other values, but when I want to see these values, I have to roll down and then I can see new values. But when I start scraping so I can scrape only visible values in this moment. So when I have scrape all values I have to finish the first scrape with visible values at the moment so I have to roll down and start scraping next values visible at the moment. So can I roll down when I am making scraping or exists some methods with which I can scrape all information suddenly?

Thank you


I presume you are using OCR scraping because this is behind a Citrix (or similar) window? If that is the case then your options are limited. It will work but it will be slow and hard work I am afraid.

For now, I have only one solution. I have to use basic scraping in recording panel (for that is no difference between basic and OCR scraping) and then I have to save this first scraping. Then I continue in recording and send hotkey page down and I have to use scraping again and then all process repeat till I reach the end of the list…

But it is not a good solution…