The number of WIID doesn't exist

The bot have a WIID that doesnt exist on acme, i don’t know why



Can you check the data extraction and the datatable variable?

Whether it is scrapping correctly


You’re making us do your training homewirk huh?

Extract datatable does so based on the HTML structure of a site. Most easiests if this is a table block.

However, the bable might contain hidden rows based on the css. It will still be there in the HTML code, just not displayed in the browser.
If your scraping selectors do not account for that you might scrape more than is visible.

(I haven’t played with that ACME site for years, so not entirely sure if my reply is applicable though)

Which exercise are you on where you encounter this?

i found the problem, i reset the data on the queue on orchestrator wasn’t the same, so i delete the queue and create a new one. Now its working

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