The non-callable member "row" cannot be used like a method


I would like to read out a column and filter to the length of the characters. I get the following error message:

the non-callable member “row” cannot be used like a method

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot


@nina.wenner How do you create your datatable?

The syntax you use in general seems okay. I think there is a problem with your table.

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@nina.wenner can you try to use an index instead of the column name?

it’s a strange error to happen here. Did you create anything called “row” too?
Which version of UiPath are you using?

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you could try using row.item(“RechnSte”).ToString.Length >= 7


Is the Project Set to c#?
If so, then we would use the rectangular brackets like row[“colname”]…

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Thank you very much, so it works. The Project Set is C#.

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