The new Customer Portal is rolling out!

We’re happy to announce that the UiPath Customer Portal has started onboarding for UiPath Enterprise customers!

Customer Portal is a self-service portal for organizations to access UiPath products and platform-related information, and interact with UiPath teams. It’s designed to give UiPath customers all the required support via a single, modern experience, to help accelerate their automation journey.

Onboarding will be invitation-based and is split into 3 waves over the next few months:

Wave 1: Starts today for the first group of customers in the USA and Canada

Wave 2: Starts in the 1st week of July for the rest of our Americas customers, and all EMEA customers

Wave 3: Starts Mid-August for most APAC customers.

Please note that we are not deploying to Japan, South Korea, or China until we complete more localization work on the portal in the coming months, to ensure a better experience in those markets.

Here is a quick summary of some key benefits Customer Portal will offer your organization. For more information, please see the Customer Portal Docs, Customer Portal FAQ and Demo Video.

Easier access to account information:

  • Your UiPath contacts
  • Licenses
  • Support ticket status
  • Secure document sharing with UiPath
  • Knowledge Base access

Faster Service

  • 24/7 tech support including Premium Support case creation
  • Product/Service request for quote
  • Enterprise agreement license provisioning

When it’s time to onboard your organization, your primary contact will receive a Docusign agreement and will be asked to nominate a first administrator for your portal. Once the agreement is signed, the administrator will receive an invitation mail to access the portal. One of the great features of Customer Portal is that additional users can be added via the portal itself – either as users or as administrators – so it’s easy for you to manage the authorized users within your own organization.

We look forward to helping you accelerate your automation journey with Customer Portal!


It is a very good thing for the license holders. Easy to contact and connect with UiPath and Uipath collaborators. Superb and congratulations to the team.,


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It really very helpful to vendors and UiPath partners.

Hello @Geoff,

This feature will be a great time saver for all enterprise users.

One important feature in such a portal is to have access to the stable LTS versions of platform installer / robot / studio pro (.msi) installers may be also the latest preview versions as well.

At the minimum, the organizational admin of the portal should have access to all relevant installers depending on the licenses purchased.

We have wasted a lot of time trying to find the correct installer files and had to use our personal community automation cloud to get access to some of the installers. In the past, we also had to contact the UiPath Norway team to send/share these installers. This process needs to be streamlined.


This looks fantastic. As an admin of an on-prem installation, having everything in a centralized place like this with (I hope) a single login and no need to repeatedly enter my serial number when submitting a ticket is a massive win.

Look forward to having it rolled out to us!

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Good customer service will help you grow step by step into a Top Level company.

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