The link to play Lesson 6 - Workflows is not working

It seems like when I try to plat the lesson, nothing is happening. When I hit play it should play the video lesson about workflows.
Help, please :slight_smile:

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I am also currently stuck at Lesson 7 Answers. I am not able to download the Answers hence I am stuck at Lesson 7. My colleagues are also stuck at other points of the Academy at the moment.

Stuck at Lesson 9 right before the Workflow. it just keeps playing Lesson 9’s first video.

Is the issue persisting?

Same problem. :frowning:

Could someone send me an user and a temporary password in a private message?

Issue confirmed. We’ll be back.

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The same happens to me. I’m stuck and can’t progress any further.

Thank you for your patience - this issue is fixed now.

Let us know if you face any other challenges.

Apologies for the inconveniences this has created.

All the best,

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Thank you, Roxana :slight_smile:

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