The legacy certification

Hello guys,
Do you think getting done someone else’s certification exam in uipath is prohibited? I mean it’s not that difficult to do it and i never seen any rules that says regarding cheating prohibition in certification.

Can you say it clearly

Okay let me make it clear, i hope u undrstand, let say that my friend wants to get certificate but he ask me for a help to finish his certification. Does that action is prohibited by uipath? Thanks for ur answer

@Zakiy_Burhan I don’t think it’s right that you would take an exam for somebody else (even if you just finish it). That certification would definitely not be relevant for his/her skills and that is considered exam fraud.

In our new UiPath Certified Professional program, we have introduced 2 high stakes and very secure exams and I’d recommend reading through our FAQs ( to learn more about them.

Thank you!

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