The last row in my datatable is not showing

Hi @uipatth @Team_Insight, I trying to display the data but look:


This is my Excel to add log Fields:

And i do one query to get the (Cliente) and it doesn’t display the the last Data Row (Juanita) → Column B11 in my excel.

This character means NULL → ∅

But i need to display all the Clients (Cliente) .

Please Help me


Can you please use a log message and check if the data is coming or not


Yeah! im using the write line to display the row, and after add the log field activity.

My Excel File:

TO understand the headers:

ok, now the activities in studio:

Add log fields:

Write line:


Okay I believe I see what is wrong here and why the last row is missing…

So basically what add log fields does is, it add the fields you provided to the log message activity used after that to include all of these fields…

Now in your workflow after add log fields you do not have a log message you have it before it…so the first iteration of your for loop will not have any log fields to add because you did not add log fields yet …so it is taken as null and from the next iteration it takes the values as the log fields are already added

So change the flow like this and you would see the log fields for each without missing anything

Inside the for loop

  1. Add log fields activity
  2. Log message
  3. Remove log fields can be added outside the loop once and for all or can be added inside only(this is for sanity )…or else for every log message that happens after this add log fields activity the fields will be add in the log message also…which consumes a lot of moemory

Hope this helps


Hope this helps

Hi @Anil_G ty for support.

like this ?

look the las rows in output:

Look it doesn’t work.

Luis Master is not showing it’s null


Just to confirm can you click on info button beside the log in output panel and check if the log fields are present in it

If you click on info you should see each log field you added as a key value pair in it other than the message key


@Anil_G this is the data ?

sorry i’m new using insights how can i remove the specific trash logs.


Instead of selecting messge field use the fields you added…that way you willget only the fields or dat you need

If you use message then all logs would come…each log message you use

Now are you seeing all rows? Did you check the above?


Sure @Anil_G .

Before making the query I could see the fields in Log Fields, but the situation is that the UiPath Insight has a delay and the log messages when i add new rows in my excel is not showing instantly when u use Clear Cache in 3 dots verticals, that is why i asking to @UiPath_Community and people.

Other thing:

Do you know how to remove the an specific field in Custom Variables ?
I need to remove these Yellow mark Fields


When we clear and refresh only we would see it ideally…

Apart from that the second question I am not particular sure on the steps and as of now I dont have access to insights so cant help much on it