The jobs can't run

the jobs can’t run . What shall I do?

@BDNH Go to “View Local Services” and make sure UiPath Robot service is running

I believe this basically occurs when your credentials are not properly setup in orchestrator.

Run the command ‘whoami’ in command prompt and see if the username matches with the once you setup in orchestrator. Also cross check the password again.

Your won’t see the UiRobot running under Services if you are using Community Edition. With CE it runs for that user session.

Rammohan B.

Thank you for your answer,I feel very lucky。
no Services,this is Community Edition .It seem to be matching,I don’t know much about it。
Because there is no license?


Username that you have configured in Orchestrator is ‘uipath\wy’. whereas it should be ‘wy\wy’.

Please configure it accordingly and let us know if still see the issue. Also do not forget to connect your robot to ochestrator as well from UiRobot.

Rammohan B.

Thank you so much.
yes,It really is this way.
I am so Happy to solve the problem.