The inner join is working wrong

Hi! I want to join 2 datatables. If I do it manually (with a foreach) it works, but if I do a inner join or a left join with a wizard I don’t get any results.

One of the tables has more than 20.000 rows so the for each has a bad performance, could you help me?

The 2 columns are strings with numbers.

@valemanueli pl

If you want to join two datatables , then you do like this first read your entire datatable and make an count (I.e.,dt1_count(int)= dt1.rows.count) and write in some Excel and read your second datatable and use write range activity to write data in “Range” property you can give like this (ex: “A”(dt1_count+1).tostring) (in same Excel which is having dt1 data) this will append your data.

Hope this helps,

Aman Sheik.

On what basis you want to join 2 datatables.
If both the tables have same columns we can use JOIN LINQ query.


This link may help you, @valemanueli

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Use join tables activity