The funtion open browser it isn't in the navigation tab so as other options. how could I fix?

Click on Filter Icon in Activities Panel and enable show classic


In modern activities or latest activities…it is names as use application\browser…

If you want classic…go to activities → filter icon → classic



In the latest UiAutoamtion activities package (23.4.0-preview etc), it seems localization problem of activities’ name exists.
So, can you try to search it by “Open” at this time? (please turn on Classic if necessary)



Downgrade UiAutomation to the latest stable (22.10.5)?


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al parecer el error que esta presentando no es respecto a la actividad open browser, que actividades estas utilizando?


Hi :wink: You have an activity that is interfering with not opening your Activity.

1- I did an activity and I didn’t finish it but I didn’t comment on it.
2- I did a Sequence and I didn’t finish it, I left an activity that has required fields.

That makes the project unable to run.